Investment Management

Preservation of Capital

Most of our clients have ‘Preservation of Capital’ at the core of their investment mandate and do not want to have to cope with large price swings in their investment portfolio. In the main they have sold businesses or inherited or are successful entrepreneurs and have worked hard to be able to accumulate their capital taking risks doing so and they wish to grow their capital safely and create more wealth over the long term. Most wish to pass their wealth on to another generation, education of family, set up a foundation or simply ensure that they preserve their capital in challenging times.

We seek to Protect, Preserve and Enhance capital entrusted to us. We believe this capital, which may represent a life time’s savings or years of successful business endeavour or an inheritance for future generations is irreplaceable and we respect and treat it as if it is our own.

Low cost, liquid, tax efficient returns

We have been providing equity like risk adjusted returns for our clients for many years. Following a simple tried and tested path with an emphasis on low cost, liquid, tax efficient allocation of capital, diversified globally across countries, classes of assets and currencies.


Most investors both institutional and individual will find that the best way to own common stocks is through an index fund that charges minimum fees’ Those following this path are sure to beat the net results ( after fees and expenses ) delivered by the great majority of investment professionals.

Warren Buffet

See this clip from our video Why so Many Managers Fail to Beat the Market.


We believe that sensible investors allocate capital to financial assets based on the ‘bedrock ‘ of diversification, equity orientation and tax sensitivity.

David Swensen, CIO Yale Endowment. Unconventional Success

The discipline of establishing and following portfolio targets, constitutes the most powerful determinant of investment outcomes. Casual allocation decisions taken and casually reversed has the potential to permanently harm investment portfolios. We seek to deliver maximum total after tax risk adjusted returns to investors. We have been successfully achieving this on behalf of our investors for 25 years.