Tyler Andrews, Consultant

Tyler Andrews applies his enterprise development and underwriting experience from arranging complex, international financial instruments to future strategic business relationships for Ein Harod Family Office (EHFO). His focus will be on the strategic and financial processes required for global product expansion.

As an entrepreneur and mathematician, Tyler is passionate about bringing innovative and disruptive change through metric models which create accelerated enterprise value and leveraged growth. He brings a legacy vision of viewing fundamental changes in traditional ROI metrics where financial returns are commensurate with the impact from the success of the enterprise.

He is experienced in scale-up of business organizations as increased market penetration and industry sustainability will demand. Systems analysis and design are an important component of his skillset together with quantitative modelling of alternative business expansion opportunities particularly as to entry into new markets and spaces. Tyler has served as executive in Private Equity for the better part of a decade, worked with hundreds of transactions both domestic as well as international and has held c suit positions for several companies over the last 10 years and most recently as CFO for JOS Pharmaceuticals.

Tyler graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with an emphasis in mathematics, physics and statistics. He was a world class athlete in soccer. He was a member of the NAIA Soccer National Men’s Championship Team 2008-2009 with election to the Hall of Fame in 2019.