Robert Petrucci, Consultant / Analyst

Robert Petrucci was born in the United States and received his formal education there. He attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Robert attained his Series 3 license in 1993 and worked as a commodities broker in Chicago. He left brokerage to pursue trading for himself. Since 1995, Robert has worked with financial, commodity and logistic enterprises in Chicago and international locations.

Having worked in a variety of positions including trading, analysis, risk management and shipping, Robert has also worked in the FinTech industry in business development and helped coordinate R&D, IT, and QA teams.

Robert joined Ein Harod Family Office in 2018.

Robert has built a strong foundation by learning from family members in finance and commercial enterprises – particularly on Wall Street and LaSalle Street. As an industry professional, he brings experience and maintains an extensive global business network of trusted associates.

Robert has a deep knowledge of the markets combining a love of fundamentals and technical outlooks while translating them into a unique market psychology perspective. He has a passion for the broad financial markets.