Howard Weisberg, Portfolio Strategist & Assistant

Howard Weisberg started in the markets in the mid 80’s and has had first hand experience of every stock market collapse since then. He was on the board of 3 London based bank owned asset management businesses from the late 80’s to the mid 00’s. He has done many jobs in banking including including credit supervision, legal affairs, M&A, marketing and interest rate market making. He was part of a team that introduced discretionary ETF portfolios to the UK in the early 90’s.

Today Howard consults to a number of family offices on a very wide range of matters such establishing their objectives, core values and operational procedures. He chairs family meetings, providing guidance as to how, when and who should make investments and charitable donations. He regularly attends meetings with family investment managers and professional advisors. Howard also mentors, watches over and protects passive, inexperienced or young shareholders and executives.

Howard is a qualified Commercial Mediator. He was educated in law at the University of Kent and then was awarded a state scholarship to study business at City, University London. He passed exams in the UK to become an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment, and a Chartered Mortgage Advisor.

You can contact Howard by calling +44 7804 477 049 or emailing