What We Do

We seek to deliver a very high level of personal service through our experienced qualified consultants for High Net Worth families and individuals through our ‘boutique’ family office. 

We offer professional consultation for the management of wealth including the following services: Investments, Family Succession Planning, Taxation, Philanthropy, Not for Profit, and Real Estate.

Ein Harod Family Office is a boutique vehicle that can provide a family or families that it represents with a broad range of services for long-range business, tax and estate planning. Our service includes the supervision of trusts, foundations and the management of investments and Real Estate that may be outside the family’s main operating businesses.

When a family uses a single comprehensive structure, it can more easily control costs, realise opportunities and re-evaluate its objectives and goals with ease. When such a structure controls that family’s various interests and keeps an eye on its obligations, its affairs are likely to be stable over a long period of time. We also help the family evaluate the goods and services that firms offer it and can keep information about relatives’ lives confidential; because we consolidate advisory services, wealth management, income distribution and other services inside a structure that our clients own. This is the opposite of a piecemeal review of disparate elements in isolation from one another.

Why Ein Harod Family Office?

Ein Harod has been set up on the Christian principle of delivering a duty of Fiduciary Care. ‘Putting our clients’ interests before those of the firm’

We believe passionately that each family or individual should enjoy a level of competence, service and transparency that we ourselves would be pleased to receive as a client of Ein Harod Family Office.

In the field of professional consultancy there is no substitute for experience. We have some 140 years’ experience between 5 in house consultants. Families and individuals have been with Ein Harod Family Office for 20 years.

In-house Advisors

Jeremy Blatch
Howard Weisberg
Tyler Andrews
Michael Vromen
Robert Petrucci
Kelvin Ombati Ombongi
David Friend

External Consultants

Santiago Lapausa
Claire Shelemay